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Ito Aoba loves to submit to her BDSM master. She loves knowing just what to do, or getting tied up and not even having to think about anything but doing as she is told. Ito enjoys being humiliated by her Dom, since she knows it comes from a place of love. She lies on the floor of the bathroom while he puts his feet on her face, showing her who is boss. After a hard spanking that leaves her ass pink, Ito gets tied up in the shower, with her hands above her head, and one leg rose up so her hairy pussy is completely exposed. Her Dom fucks her with a bottle, testing her slit to see if she is deserving of his cock. Ito’s pussy and asshole get fingered, making way for the hardcore bondage fuck that is about to happen. Ito submits to her BDSM master’s cock, allowing him to pound her ass and pussy so hard that she moans and screams. When submissive Ito’s Dom cums on her face, she knows she should eat it all up like a good Japanese sub. For a traditional Japanese BDSM scene with kinbaku,

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